Enkhmunkh Zorigt
Our Right-Hand Man in Mongolia

When it comes to enquiries about Mongolia, we gladly put you in the very capable hands of Enkhmunkh Zorigt. A musician by training, Zorigt graduated from the College of Dance and Music - Mongolia’s premier institute for studying music - at the top of his class. His instrument is the enchanting morin khuur, also known as the horsehead fiddle, the traditional Mongolian stringed instrument which is itself the stuff of myth and legend.

Today, Zorigt serves as the editor-in-chief of Goodali, the country’s leading fashion and art magazine. He also writes a column for Gereg, the Time magazine of Mongolia. In addition, he has extensive experience giving concerts and has won numerous prizes at music competitions, such as the Merit Award at the National Musicians’ Contest in 2008. Zorigt is well versed in Mongolia’s art and music scene and we are very pleased that he is providing us with invaluable support in Mongolia.