Gerlee Tsegmid-Rösch
Cultural Envoy of Mongolia
the Face Behind Mongolian Step

I am Gerlee Tsegmid-Roesch. I was born in Mongolia, where I studied music and dance at the College of Ulan Bator, and was a member of the Mongolian National Grand Theater for four years. As a “modern nomad” I felt the need to see distant places and, after stays in Berlin, New York and Paris, have returned to live in Germany once again.

Mongolian Step allows me to express my passion for art and culture and realize my desire to introduce others to my native country, while also promoting young Mongolian artists. In doing so, I can rely on the knowledge I gained while studying cultural sciences, marketing, communications and economics in Germany.

I would like to use Mongolian Step to approach people who are interested in Asia, in particularly art and culture, by spiriting them away to a Mongolia that goes far beyond the usual clichés. One partner whose invaluable assistance is helping me achieve this goal, is Migrantinnen Gründen, a project supported by the German Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

After many years, I have rediscovered my Mongolian homeland. What I find fascinating is how young the country is (45% of the population is under 30) and how quickly the people there have adapted to living in a democracy. They want to keep pace with the rest of the world and come together with it. At the same time, they appreciate the importance of their traditions and history: one much-discussed topic is how the country can protect its cultural heritage.

What especially interests me is what young Mongolians want, what inspires them, and what they have to contribute. I feel a strong connection to my native country, yet, as a modern nomad who has lived abroad for many years, I can take a more distanced view. I feel this gives me a very special vantage point, one that perhaps lets me see developments which many Mongolians are not yet aware of, as well as aspects that make Mongolia interesting to the rest of the world. Nothing would therefore please me more than enriching life in Germany, my adopted homeland, by contributing to it through my Mongolian roots.