Mongolian Step

Mongolian Step is the agency for Mongolian art and culture – and we are a bit different to what you would expect from a typical artists agency.

After all, Mongolia has much more to offer than endless steppes, men on horseback, and Genghis Khan!
That’s why we not only represent very special young artists who epitomise today’s Mongolia, a modern country full of contrasts and contradictions, we also organise cultural events and sell selected works and products created by our artists.


People associate a number of things with Mongolia: the great conqueror Genghis Khan, horse-riding warriors armed with bows and arrows, and starry skies above endless steppes. Once a powerful and much feared empire, Mongolia today is a modern country little known in the West. Yet thanks to its young population, this special nation can be proud of many exciting accomplishments, especially in the area of culture and the arts.


Mongolian Step wants to introduce Mongolia to the world once again – today’s Mongolia. To do so, it uses art - a form of communication that needs no words and is therefore understood by people everywhere.

As a result, we represent select artists, realise cultural projects and sell exclusive works and products which reflect a Mongolia that is anything but clichéd. We do it gladly – so you can get to know the country and its culture with your own eyes, instead of hearing it a thousand times from others.

Our artists are modern nomads who have been fundamentally influenced by their Mongolian homeland, but who are also at home in the world, using their artistic talents to build a bridge between the Western and Asian worlds.